OHIO POWER SITING BOARD APPLICATION PROCESS                                                                                         






The applicant is required to hold a public informational meeting prior to any formal filing                                                                                                               

with the OPSB. This meeting will serve to educate affected parties to the project                                                                                                                          

on the its details. The meeting will also provide an avenue for public input and comments                                                                                                              

to aid in the preparation of the application.                                                                                                                                                                                





Within 90 days of the public informational meeting, the application of the proposed facility will

be filed with the OPSB. The application will include all required anticipated impacts of the facility on the 

surrounding area. 

Within 60 days of the application submittal, the OPSB will notify the applicant if the application is in

compliance with the statute to continue the review of the application. If the application is not deemed 

complete, the applicant will be required to address any deficiencies. Once the application is deemed complete,

it will be served to local public officials in the project area and legal notices will be published in the local

newspapers. In parallel to this process, interested parties will have the opportunity to be recognized as

intervenors in the case. 





The OPSB Staff will review the application and consult with other state and federal agencies. 

The staff's findings and recommendations will be made available prior to the case's hearings. 

The report will be considered as evidence in each case but the Board does not have to use 

the Staff's recommendations in its decision.





The OPSB will hold local public and adjudicatory hearings that will be run by an administrative law judge. Citizens, interest

groups and government entities will be present to give testimony on the case. At the public hearing, citizens, interest

groups, and government entities that have not formally intervened and been named parties in the case have the

opportunity to provide testimony on the case. At the adjudicatory hearing, parties in the case, including the applicant and

any intervening parties, have the opportunity to provide testimony. 




Following the Board's decision, parties may file for rehearing of the decision. Following the rehearing process, those

decisions may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Ohio.


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